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Опреснение крахмала сахара, соевого сахаридов, ксилозы и ксилита опреснения.

desalination of starch sugar, soybean saccharide, xylose and xylito desalination

Дерево-олигосахариды опреснения: Feed material containing about 4% xylo-oligosaccharide and salt. Salt removal over 98% by Electrodialysis.

Soybean Saccharide desalination: Feed material containing about 2% Oligosaccharide and salt. Salt removal by Electrodialysis > 98%.

Six carbon carbohydrate desalination: Feed material containing 1-1.5% six carbon carbohydrate, about 3% inorganic salt, proteins, and suspended solids. The Original process of Centrifugal washing and recrystallization is replaced by Electrodialysis with substantial improvements in productivity. Substantial savings in production costs are realized due to savings is power consumption and labour saved.