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We are specialised in the manufacture of Electrodialysis and Bipolar Electrodialysis Plants. We Design complete Electrodialysis process solutions for manufacture of specialty chemicals, Phase transfer Catalysts, Food and Pharma, Organic acids, Acid/Alkali recovery, Desalination and a host of other applications.

Our ED/EDBM plants are tailored for the application. The Plants are of Modular cutting-edge design, Fully automated, Touch operated and economical. World class commercial scale plants are offered. Pilot Plants on request.

Electrodialysis is today commercially by far the most relevant Ion Exchange process, in terms of process economics, product quality and process waste related labour and costs. Currently processes such as Desalination, Concentration and Chlor-Alkali are still the most large scale applications of conventional Electrodialysis.

Today Equipments and complete solutions for Demineralisation, Dealkalisation and Deacidification with conventional Electrodialysis or Bipolar Electrodialysis for applications in Food, Dairy, Beverage and wine industry, Pharma and Chemical industry are the most sought after. Waste water recovery is an extremely important application, essential to recover process chemicals, eliminate wastes and avoid environmental and pollution related issues.